Wallkill Golf Club Franklin

Wallkill Golf Club Number 5


Quick Facts

Private golf course

9-hole golf course

Regulation length course

Two sets of tees per hole

35/35 70 par | 2905/ 2,869: 5,774 yards | 121 slope

69.9 rating | Rye grass


About the Course

The 9-hole "Wallkill" course at Wallkill Golf Club in Franklin, NJ features 2,869 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 35. The course rating is 33.6, with a slope rating of 121 on rye grass. Designed by Franklin Zinc Mine, the Wallkill Golf Club opened in 1910. Frank Vnuk, PGA manages the course as the General Manager/Golf Professional.

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1st Hole-Par 4
(Blue Tees: 318 Yards)
(White Tees: 328 Yards)
(Gold Tees: 320 Yards)
(Red Tees: 277 Yards)

To begin the round, this par 4 has a blind tee shot and a significant elevation change. With Maple Road hugging the left hand side and a line of trees to the right adjacent by the 9th hole, the drive must be accurate. A large hill overlooks this hole on the left. Pick the correct angle and hit the fairway. With the approach, club selection is key. A green side bunker is placed on the left side and a miss to the right will cause a ridge on the green  to take a golf ball on a downhill slope in the rough for a difficult pitch. The small green complex has a ridge on the left hand side and slopes from back to front. The best play is to hit the middle of the green short of the pin for an uphill putt. A par or birdie is a great score.

2nd Hole-Par 3
(Blue Tees: 162 Yards)
(White Tees: 152 Yards)
(Gold Tees: 149 Yards)
(Red Tees: 149 Yards)

The hole begins with a slightly elevated tee box. The green is slightly raised and protected by three green side bunkers in the front, left, and right. A tee shot short of the green will leave you with an option of putter or wedge. A miss to the back of the green will result in a severe uphill pitch that needs to land the right distance to hit the shot close to the pin. Depending on the pin location, the best play is below the pin for an uphill putt. Any shots above the pin location will result in a tough, slick downhill putt for birdie.

3rd Hole-Par 5
(Blue Tees: 503 Yards)
(White Tees: 528 Yards)
(Gold Tees: 441 Yards)
(Red Tees: 375 Yards)

The first par 5 on the course begins with a slight dogleg left with the tee shot. The further left you wish to place your tee shot, the shorter the hole becomes. But, be careful. The woods on the left followed by the cart path near the fairway can be in play. The right hand side features a line of trees that extend throughout the hole. If you are in play on the left, you may have difficulty with a downhill lie for the approach. Golfers who miss right will face a punch with a long iron, utility, hybrid, or fairway wood. When the fairway is hit, you can layup to the 100 yard marker or try to go for the green in two. Keep in mind of the green and the bunker placements. A shot to get on the green will tend to bounce from front to back. Two bunkers are positioned about 30 yards from the pin and on the left hand side of the green. Miss to the back of the green and tall pines and trees will be in your way. Par or birdie is a great score.

4th Hole-Par 3
(Blue Tees: 224 Yards)
(White Tees: 200 Yards)
(Gold Tees: 183 Yards)
(Red Tees: Front 9: 183 Yards)
(Red Tees: Back 9: 165 Yards)

The 4th hole is the longest of the par 3's and begins with one of the most challenging, yet enjoyable stretches of golf in Sussex County. The hole begins with an elevated tee box. Guarded by the woods to the right and left hand side, the placement of the first shot is vital. About 150 yards from the tee, a creek flows across. On the left is the famous Wallkill River, one of the only rivers that flow the opposite way in the United States. Two green side bunkers surround a dime sized undulating green with a left hand ridge. This green slopes from back to front. A miss to the right of the green will cause a punch out from the trees. A shot on or short of the green and a par is a great score for the next three holes that await!

5th Hole-Par 4
(Blue Tees: 293 Yards)
(White Tees: 312 Yards)
(Gold Tees: 268 Yards)
(Red Tees: Front 9: 231 Yards)
(Red Tees: Back 9: 268 Yards)

The 5th hole at Wallkill Golf Club is one of the best risk/reward holes in Sussex County. Begin this hole with a set of elevated tee boxes. Club selection is key. A fairway bunker guards the right side of the fairway followed by a line of trees on the left. A good tee shot to the right hand side of the fairway will provide a golfer with an open approach. The further left the tee shot goes, the more the trees will impact the approach. Depending on the placement, distance, and lie, the approach is one of the toughest on the course. With the Wallkill River flowing to the front, and the woods directly behind, the 2nd shot must be accurate to an elevated three tiered green. The front of the green features a false front. A miss to the back will result in a downhill or side-hill pitch to a green sloping back to front. A par is an excellent score. After the hole is completed, visit the Babe Ruth rock!

6th Hole-Par 4
(Blue Tees: 399 Yards)
(White Tees: 384 Yards)
(Gold Tees: 304 Yards)
(Red Tees: Front 9: 304 Yards)
(Red Tees: Back 9: 240 Yards)

The par 4, 6th hole is the toughest par 4 on the course. Begin the hole with a tee shot up the hill to an elevated fairway. Those playing the back tees will have to hit their tee shot over part of the Wallkill River. The fairway is guarded by trees on the left hand side adjacent to Church Street and a few trees cover the right hand side. Angle the first shot to the left hand side of the fairway to cut yardage and reach the top of the hill. The 2nd shot is either faced with either an iron shot to a spot to play an accurate 3rd shot or if a drive is up the hill, a short approach. Play a club more due to the elevation. A single tree guards the left side of the approach as well as a green side bunker. A wooden fence rests to the right of a small, undulating green with a false front that slopes from back to front. A par is an excellent score. On a clear day, golfers can view the High Point Monument from the 6th green!

7th Hole-Par 3 "The Teacup Hole"
(Blue Tees: 147 Yards)
(White Tees: 158 Yards)
(Gold Tees: 140 Yards)
(Red Tees: Front 9: 116 Yards)
(Red Tees: Back 9: 140 Yards)

The 7th hole is one of the most scenic and iconic holes at Wallkill Golf Club and in Sussex County. Begin the tee shot on an elevated tee box to an original teacup green. Club selection is key depending on conditions and the wind. Two bunkers guard the putting surface to the front and one bunker on the right. A miss in one of the bunkers will cause a difficult splash shot onto the green. The green complex features a downhill slope followed by a larger one in the middle. A miss short will cause a tough and delicate 2nd shot. Depending on the pin location, the correct miss is over the green. The large downhill slope will act as a backboard and bring the ball back to a back pin location. If the pin is in the front, a miss to the right of the green will result in a better angle for a pitch. Par is a terrific score and an ace is even better!

8th Hole-Par 5 
(Blue Tees: 512 Yards)
(White Tees: 480 Yards)
(Gold Tees: 384 Yards)
(Red Tees: Front 9: 384 Yards)
(Red Tees: Back 9: 349 Yards)

The 8th hole is a straight away par 5 and a perfect opportunity to hit driver off the tee. A line of trees hug the right hand side adjacent to the 3rd fairway and an open area to the left. Two fairway bunkers are placed to the right hand side of the fairway about 240 yards away followed by an elevated fairway bunker on the left. The tee shot is critical. Any miss under trees will result in a punch out. Depending on the 2nd shot, the approach is critical. Two fairway bunkers are placed less than 100 yards away on the left and the right. Three green side bunkers are on the right and left of the green. Depending on the pin location, the placement of the 3rd and 4th shots are important. The undulated green has a false front and a side slope that will bring the ball left to right and back to front. The best play is below the pin for an uphill putt.

9th Hole-Par 4
(Blue Tees: 350 Yards)
(White Tees: 340 Yards)
(Gold Tees: 325 Yards)
(Red Tees: Front 9: 250 Yards)
(Red Tees: Back 9: 325 Yards)

The hole begins with a tee shot to a blind uphill fairway that slopes from right to left. Trees hug the right hand side adjacent to the 1st hole. Trees line the left, including the oldest living tree at the course. The fairway then dips down into a valley. Depending on the 2nd shot, the approach is to an uphill green. Play an extra club depending on the weather conditions. Pin locations to the right will bring a right hand green side bunker in play and a small slope that will guide the ball to the middle of the green. Use the trees behind the green as an aiming point. The green features two false fronts on both the left and right sides. Par is a great score to end the front 9 or round!